About Me

My top priorities are:


          - Lower Taxes (I will work hard to eliminate wasteful spending)

          - Safe Communities (I fully support law enforcement and first responders)

          - Tough on Crime (My first bill will be to add 5 years jail time to anyone who uses a gun in a crime)

          - Safer Schools (Provide additional staff to deal with students in crisis)


I believe heroes should be honored, not fired, and children belong to their parents and not the state. I was raised in Spokane by a single parent on public assistance and I understand the impacts inflation has on the family. After graduation from Ferris, I married my high school sweetheart and joined the Air Force where I learned the importance of community, love of country and hard work. As a former 4th District Representative, I have a solid conservative voting record with a focus on lower taxes and a government that works for the people.

Elected Experience: Washington State 4th District Representative (Appropriations, Capital Budget, Government Oversight, Government Operations, Labor & Workforce committees)- Spokane County Property Tax Board of Equalization- Regional Solid Waste Advisory Committee- Republican District Leader- Precinct Committee Officer.

Other Professional Experience: Professional Real Estate Broker since 2005, Retired US Air Force Master Sergeant- Aircraft Mechanic-Recruiter-Computer Technician-Security Manager-Commander's Staff-Engine Shop Manager- FAA Powerplant/Aircraft Mechanic and Private Pilot.

Education: Graduate Joel E Ferris High School- Master of Business Administration (MBA) Webster University- Bachelor of Science Embry Riddle University- Associate Degree Air Force Community College.

Community Service: Volunteer instructor Moody Aviation- Civil Air Patrol Search Pilot


The ballots are out and should have been delivered to you by now.  If you have not received yours by Tuesday, please reach out to the Elections Office at 509-477-2320.

With the arrival of the ballots comes the misleading information about my campaign from my opponent and his friends.

First, I did respond to the We Believe We Vote survey, and I even participated in a video interview.  My score is 94%, and I even took the time to write out many answers.  Unfortunately, the printed guide that was sent out to many churches states that I did not respond and gave me a zero score.  I have contacted them and they apologized, recalled the printed guides from all the churches in my district, and sent out an email to everyone on their list to correct the error.  (I do believe this was an honest mistake.)

Second, I have been getting calls from voters asking why I do not support the initiative process.  It seems that a group of people here in my district are trying to mislead voters.  I fully support the initiative process; however, the local “Let’s go Washington” group is asking people to sign 11 initiatives that are directed to the House of Representatives and not to the people.  The issue I have is that the Republicans would have to have a majority in the House for the measures to even be brought up for a vote.  I believe the money and time spent gathering signatures could be better spent with a proven process and these initiatives should be submitted for a vote of the people.

Third, let me be perfectly clear that I fully support the Second Amendment, which provides for the constitutional right for the people to keep and bear arms.  I have not and will not support any legislation limiting your right to obtain, keep, and carry the firearms you need to protect yourself and your family.  I am a member of the NRA and I hold a concealed carry permit.

Finally, I did not compare the Democrats to Nazis in a floor speech in Olympia (as my opponent claimed in a mailer distributed last week).  What I did say is that “when the Jews were in train cars passing churches on the way to internment camps, they just played the music louder”, and that  “now is our time to stop playing the music and stand up for the unborn”.

If you have any doubt about who I am or what I stand for, check my 2014 voting record, call me at (509) 869-5363, or write me an email.  I would be more than pleased to talk with you and help set the record straight.

I am very grateful for your support, and so far things are looking good for a victory on November 8th.  But I could really use your continued support now so we can fight these misleading attacks.

Please consider clicking the Donate button below.  It is only with your help that we’ll have the resources we need to confront these misleading attacks on me and my record.

Thank you in advance for your support.  I look forward to the privilege of being your voice in Olympia next year.


                                       Leonard Christian