About Me

My top priorities are:


          - Lower Taxes (I will work hard to eliminate wasteful spending)

          - Safe Communities (I fully support law enforcement and first responders)

          - Tough on Crime (My first bill will be to add 5 years jail time to anyone who uses a gun in a crime)

          - Safer Schools (Provide additional staff to deal with students in crisis)


I believe heroes should be honored, not fired, and children belong to their parents and not the state. I was raised in Spokane by a single parent on public assistance and I understand the impacts inflation has on the family. After graduation from Ferris, I married my high school sweetheart and joined the Air Force where I learned the importance of community, love of country and hard work. As the current 4th District Representative, I have a solid conservative voting record with a focus on lower taxes and a government that works for the people.

Elected Experience: Current Washington State 4th District Representative (Capital Budget, State Government & Tribal Relations,Innovation, Community & Economic Development, & Veterans Affairs)- Spokane County Property Tax Board of Equalization- Regional Solid Waste Advisory Committee- Republican District Leader- Precinct Committee Officer.

Other Professional Experience: Professional Real Estate Broker since 2005, Retired US Air Force Master Sergeant- Aircraft Mechanic-Recruiter-Computer Technician-Security Manager-Commander's Staff-Engine Shop Manager- FAA Powerplant/Aircraft Mechanic and Private Pilot.

Education: Graduate Joel E Ferris High School- Master of Business Administration (MBA) Webster University- Bachelor of Science Embry Riddle University- Associate Degree Air Force Community College.

Community Service: Volunteer instructor Moody Aviation- Civil Air Patrol Search Pilot